Fossil Watches in ZA

The brand Fossil is a part of an American designer and manufacturing group of clothing and accessories, namely Fossil Group Inc. The group also has brand like Abacus, Relic, Now Coach NY, Michele, Skagen and Zodiac Watches under its umbrella.

Fossil began their operations in late 1985 by acquiring low cost fashion watches from East Asia. Since then, the company has grown by exploring new areas of business and by mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Notable brands bought by Fossil Group include Zodiac, Skagen Designs Ltd., etc.

About the Products:
Fossil Watches focus on creating a retro modern look for their watches to distinguish themselves from other leading brands. Ultra-modern design collection was introduced by the brand in 2001 under Starck line of watches by collaborating with designer Philippe Starck. Fossil watches can be broadly categorized into two large segments based on their design statements: one containing a retro look, and the other segment carrying all modern features like other brands. This is so because Fossil targets customers with two very different mindsets: one those who demand elegance and class, and then there are others (teens) who support the high tech features of their gadgets.
In addition to carrying almost 13 brands under its umbrella, Fossils acquired the rights to license produce watches for Diesel and A/X. This will further enhance Fossil’s design offerings, so more can be expected in the scheduled new arrivals for both men and women.

Presence in South Africa:
The Fossil brand has a lucrative presence in the South African market for quite a while now. Fossil Watches markets its products from both online and offline establishments. Fossil Watches has opened retail stores and sells products of its brand Watch Station via these offline establishments. Online purchases can also be made for all its existing lines of watches. The brand has 6 major categories under the watch section: Boyfriend, Leather, Rose, Steel, Gold Tone, Dress Watches

Online purchases are most common and easiest methods of becoming a proud owner of Fossil Watches in South Africa. However, terms and conditions of these purchases vary on online platforms selling them.

Fossil Watches revolve its strategies around the saying: All For One. This is a testament on how better the brand can perform if everyone works together. Creativity and hard work in the field of designing, manufacturing and sales has propelled the brand to occupy a considerable market share.

The brand’s motto describes that products are only as strong as the stories they tell. Since the company has decided to tap into the spirit of South African people, they have produced watches suited for every occasion and for both genders through all age groups. Since every Fossil Watch has a character of their own, they complement a particular style or personality.

Upcoming Products
When today’s modern looks meets clean lines of mid century, it represents the very name of the brand. The brand has always tried to create timeless watches and accessories to accompany people wherever their destination maybe. Eye catching watches of leather or merry metallic bands are only expected to get better and more attractive in coming days.