Guess Watches NZ

Guess Watches belong to an American upscale clothing brand and retailer corporation bearing the exact same name, Guess. Guess was a fairly prominent manufacturer of jeans during 1980s. The year 1984 saw the launch of three new lines of watches: Guess, Guess Steel, Guess Collection The watch lines have flourished since then and has been accompanied by several accessory sidelines.

Guess watches has been present in New Zealand since the company introduced its watch collections during late 1980s. The brand has created an impeccable market share in NZ with its new collections. The company has always attempted to catch the eyes of the young and teens to create a new market segment for growth. Both simple analogue watches to complex multi-function enabled sexy models are present in the brand’s watch lines.

Guess entered a new era with their Spring GC Watch collection. In response to the growing demand for designer watches, many brand new entrants followed with eye catching designs and an expensive price tag. These new models helped the expansion of already popular GC collection, and provided the necessary partition from mid price range watches. It marked a shift from the use of steel, which was used traditionally in making Guess watches, to introduction of higher end materials like silver gold and diamonds in their watches. This was accomplished by partnering with Callanen International. These new products bear a high price tag and Swiss made reliability.

Another line of watches termed as ‘Smart Luxury’ of GC collection showcases luxurious Swiss made watches, which provides ‘Smart Luxury’ in its timepieces by offering best ratio in quality and fashionable design at an optimal price point. Smart luxury products allow the customer to stand out from the crowd by its attention to details like choice of material and finishes that reflect glamour and prestige.

GC timepieces for both genders combine fashionable design with prestigious watch making knowledge to create premium quality products which boasts the natural blend of technical excellence, glamour and redesigning of latest fashion trends. Finest materials like mother of pearl dials, certified diamonds, high tech ceramics, exquisite patterned leather straps and 316L stainless steel are used in the manufacture of these machines featuring Swiss precision made heartbeats. Some additional security features have been incorporated such as screw in crown and deployment clasps for maximum water resistance.

Guess Watches joined hands with Martian to produce a new smart watch, nicknamed Guess Connect: a multi function, chic smart-watch line for both genders. This product features Dual Mode Functionality of Martian while simultaneously providing voice command functions via Classic Bluetooth and uses Bluetooth Low Energy to facilitate eyes free and hands free notification to wrist.