Men’s Watches in Saudi Arabia

Watches are no more just gadgets which display time, they have transformed into a style statement. The right watch can complement one’s looks and fashion a great deal and hence one should be careful while picking a watch. If you are in Saudi Arabia and you are looking to buy a men’s watch for yourself or as a gift, there are many options available where you can look into for men’s watches.

Where to buy?
Like in every other country, online stores are fast becoming popular in Saudi Arabia. It is probably the best place to look into if you are planning to buy men’s watches. Not only do these stores have a wide range of watches but they also have cheaper rates than most retail shops. If you have particular products in mind then make sure to surf a variety of online stores to compare their prices and then choose the best deal. Make sure to check the authenticity of the store you are placing your order in, you can do this by reading user reviews who have ordered from that store before.

But if you are more of a traditional person and prefer buying from stores over online shopping then there are a lot of watch retail stores in Saudi Arabia. You can look up the stores in Google Maps and then drive to them to buy your watch.

How to choose?
While buying men’s watches, it is very important to keep in mind the dressing style of the wearer. If you are buying one for yourself then you will have to know your preferences like whether you wish to buy a watch for office going or a formal party then you should consider buying metal band watches. Metal bands can even go with casuals. There are a variety of metal bands but the most popular ones are gold and silver ones. Digital watches can be a good option for outdoor sports or trekking events. Wide leather straps are a very popular choice amongst people who wishes to flaunt their masculinity. Hence in order to choose a watch you must know your dressing style and also where you are going to wear the watch.

Also if you find a particular watch very expensive and out of your affordability then you can find a second hand model of that watch. There are second hand stores in Saudi Arabia as well as online stores which sells second hand products.

Popular brands
The most popular brands of men’s watches in Saudi Arabia are Fossil, Police, Swatch, Tag Heuer, Casio G-Shock, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. These brands of men’s watches are top selling in Saudi Arabia and you can find a wide range of their collection in retail or online stores. While Fossil and Casio dominate metal band section, Police has a wide range of leather band models. In digital section G-Shock and Adidas are popular choices. You watch is a symbol of your taste in style and fashion and hence make sure to choose one carefully.